6 Eid Fashion Tips For Girls To Look Stylish In 2022

Our favourite festivals offer us the chance to spend quality time with our friends and family, the warmth and familiarity of our hometowns, lavish feasts, homemade delicacies, and a plethora of gifts! We ladies also have the opportunity to dress up and flaunt our intricate, opulent, and lavish ethnic aspects, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The all-night mehndi and gossip sessions, as well as waking up early to begin getting ready with our sisters on Eid, are a once-a-year occasion that we never want to miss! The auspicious greens and golden hues, brilliant reds and yellows, and voluminous anarkalis are just a few of the Eid classics you can't wait to wear and impress your Instagram followers with!

Go Traditional

Eid is the only time many of us, especially those who are away from home, get to enjoy our local traditions and customs. As a result, Eid is the ideal occasion to dress up in traditional attire and proudly display your history. That is the reason various communities in Australia prefer to wear their traditional outfits during eid celebrations. You can Buy Eid Suits at your favourite store online or in person. Some examples of traditional outfits from different regions include:

  • The Pakistani salwar kameez is a tunic-style dress worn with loose harem-style pants.
  • Bangladeshi sarees are a long drape that wraps around the body.
  • The Indian anarkali dress is a long, flowing garment that is inspired by the royal Mughal Empire.
  • The baju kurung is a Malaysian collarless top worn with a pleated skirt.
  • Fancy abayas, gowns, and hijab collections can be found in various Middle Eastern nations, and they are either patterned or have exquisite embellishments and needlework.

Be both modern and ethnic.

If traditional attire aren't your thing, trendy ethnic wear is an option. These are fusion outfits that combine parts of traditional attire with western or modern influences. They look fantastic on young girls and teenagers, especially when worn with traditional haircuts and shoes. One alternative is to add a cape to a typical maxi dress, as the cape gives the entire outfit a very dreamlike aspect.

This idea can also be used by girls who wear abayas, and it will result in a unique statement attire that will impress everyone. So the aim is to dress traditionally to honour your religion and rituals while also showing your personality by adding a creative and modern twist to the clothing.

Make a statement with the Forgotten Dupatta 

We all have had a love-hate relationship with our dupattas. While most of us have discarded dupattas entirely from our collections, some gowns look better with them. Dupattas, for example, add balance and beauty to a Pakistani salwar kameez. A traditional outfit, such as a lehenga, certain Anarkali styles, or churidars, is not complete without a dupatta. The dupatta can be styled in a variety of ways, so check what is in vogue and style accordingly.

Bangles & Mehndi

Because Eid isn't complete without bangles and mehndi, traditional bangles should be at the top of your list while shopping for Eid accessories. 


A elegant bracelet would be ideal to wear with your traditional ornamentals on one hand and your traditional ornamentals in the other. Adding more jewellery, such as exquisite jhumkis or long earrings, can give your stunning appearance more oomph. If you want to wear something around your neck, Monz Fashion has a Kundan or Nauratan set for you.

Khussas & Kolhapuris

Last but not least, footwear is essential. Block heels, wedges, and flats look great while traditional Khussas and Kolhapuris are great choice too.

With so many alternatives available in the market, you can make your own style statement with whatever Eid dress you pick. Remember to follow your instincts when it comes to your personality, mood, and imagination and the occasion you want to dress for. Remember while, you want to look elegant, you also want to unwind and enjoy yourself with your pals, so keep it simple. If it is difficult to decide, put on the first item that is available and you fancy and glitter it with your smile. Eid is a time for celebration, and the greatest way to celebrate is by smiling. "The best makeup any girl can wear is a smile," as the saying goes. So keep smiling and enjoy the Eid celebrations. You can buy Pakistani Dresses Online at your favourite store.