List of major Lawn brands summer 2021

Lawn is one of the most worn fabrics by women during the summers in India and Pakistan. Due to largely very hot & humid conditions in summer, light & breathable fabrics are the clothing of choice. Lawn perfectly presents an ideal solution to the problem as it is light and breathable but not see through. With such diversity of designs and quality available, it has become the choice of all in the summer season. 

Pakistani Designer lawns have created a buzz in the last few years. They have become popular not only in Pakistan but a large population in neighbouring India has admiration to it too. Many large and prominent textile brands are producing large collection of lawn suits. New volumes start rolling out in the middle of the winter for the incoming spring and summer. Other than that new entrepreneurs and designers are not leaving behind and are creating labels of their own with huge following and success. Anticipation of new lawn designs and volumes run high and competition forces best outcomes for consumers.

Designs and variety of lawn offered by large and small companies in Pakistan differ vastly in price and quality. There are two different varieties of lawn available, Printed lawn & Embroidered lawn. Different techniques are used in their manufacturing. Digitally printed lawn suits are growing in demand while embroidered lawn suits offer even better quality with intricate embroidery designs. Lawn Dresses can be used as casual wear or semi formal. You can however spot good quality lawn worn in formal parties too.

Good quality lawn suits can easily last 3-4 years if they are properly cared. However, vast majority of lawn suits are good for only couple of years. Lawn brands are offering varying qualities within their own range and one can find quality as per the price paid ranging from excellent to just good enough for the season.

Here is a list of major Lawn Brands in Pakistan in 2021.

  1. Al Karam Lawn
  2. Nishat Linen Lawn
  3. Gul Ahmed Lawn
  4. Khaadi Lawn
  5. Sana Safinaz Lawn
  6. Sapphire Lawn
  7. Warda Lawn
  8. Anaya Lawn by Kiran Chaudhry
  9. Firdous Lawn
  10. Maria B. Lawn
  11. So Kamal Lawn
  12. Sitara Studio Lawn
  13. Bareeze Lawn
  14. Baroque Lawn
  15. Charizma Lawn
  16. Al Zohaib Textile Lawn
  17. Rashid Textile Lawn
  18. Star Lawn by Naveed Nawaz Textile
  19. VS Textile Lawn
  20. Limelight Lawn
  21. Junaid Jamshed Lawn
  22. Amna Ismail Lawn
  23. Sobia Nazir Lawn
  24. Asim Jofa Lawn
  25. Elan
  26. Zara Shahjahan
  27. Faraz Mannan
  28. Zainab Chottani
  29. Bonanza Satrangi
  30. Beachtree
  31. Zeen 
  32. Zellbury
  33. Farah Talib Aziz
  34. Ethnic
  35. Cross Stitch
  36. Nadia Hussain
  37. Kayseria
  38. Crescent Lawn
  39. Mausummery Lawn
  40. ChenOne Lawn

With so many options, whatever your design statement is, you can find one amazing Lawn Suit that perfectly match yours.